Why Our Story Bridal Is The Best Place to Sell Your Preowned Wedding Dress

We created this business from our own struggles so that you can safely buy and sell preowned wedding dresses. We’ve been there, done that, answered the knock of a stranger wanting to try on our dress in our cramped NYC apartment, and waited for months to have a couple of messages come through online! So, we created Our Story Bridal to be different and not like any other resale channel:

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A Special Selection 

We curate and carefully select each dress to make sure that it is from a recent collection. We're sure to house styles from 2016 and onwards (at the time of this post going live), as well as notable designers as we always want to offer the most desirable styles to a wide range of tastes. 

Information Overload

We hold all the inventory, so when the dress comes in, we inspect it to make sure that it is in like-new condition and matches the listing information. Many brides don’t know their sizing on the day of their wedding, so we validate everything to put forth the most accurate information. For example, we have, in the past, received many styles that brides thought were a size 10, but ended up being size 6’s. Any dresses that don't make the cut are sent back to the owners. And if there are any stains or imperfections, then we work with the seller and our cleaning and restoration team to take care of the dress so it's ready for a new bride. 

Attention To Every Detail

We let the brides try on as many preowned and sample dresses they like, all in a luxurious environment. Many brides look forward to shopping for their dress so we endeavor to make the experience special. But, we are also very careful with how brides shop for the dress to make sure it is still kept in like-new condition. For example, brides and their guests wear gloves while browsing styles so we don't run the risk of accidental staining. We also conduct regular inspections of the inventory, as t's imperative that the dresses stay in pristine condition. 

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We’ll Get You Those Likes

Not only do we house your dress and get it in front of brides, but we also promote your dress through digital marketing, such as social media and email campaigns to reach a wider audience. Unlike online resellers, where it can be hard to cut through thousands of dresses, we make sure that each dress has its special moment to shine. What's more, when you step into our showroom, our stylists have been prepped on all our dresses and are always ready to tell you everything you need to know.

Expert Advice

We pride ourselves in having cultivated a team of seamstresses and stylists who know really their stuff. They are equipped to answer the bride's questions about fit, alterations (what can and can’t be done), length, history of the dress and how best to wear and maintain a specific fabric. Many sellers trying to sell on their own often struggle with this part, which doesn’t give the bride full confidence to purchase the dress.

No Cash Under This Mattress 

Secure payment for both sides. Because dresses are a big-ticket item, it is hard to figure out what is the best way to take payment when you are working on your own. Checks and electronic payments are risky and it is hard for a bride to be walking around with tons of cash. Fear not though, we use a system that allows for seamless transactions. Phew!

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