Expert Tips On How To Sell Your Used Wedding Dress

There are many benefits to selling your preowned wedding dress - you can add some dollars to your second honeymoon budget for one (Hello Tahiti bungalows!). If you’re considering passing on your dress to another lucky bride, we suggest you read our little guide below to help you navigate the luxury designer wedding dress market, after all, we have helped hundreds of brides resell their dress. Need convincing? Read all about our real-life sellers and their consignment stories, the pieces of advice they have to offer and what to do if you actually hate your wedding dress.

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Proof Of Purchase:

  • Keep your receipt as many places or brides will want to validate the purchase price. 

  • Our advice would be to consider buying a well-known designer as the resale value will be higher, however, be considerate of your budget. You can also buy a preowned designer dress for less and then resell it after your wedding. We’ve seen a lot of brides do this, and we like to think this is an insider tip to really get the most out of your dress budget. 

  • Be sure to keep notes of any unique details about your dress, it is great leverage when describing how your dress is different. We had a dress come in where the flowers were made by the same artisans who make the flowers for Chanel. Those little selling points will really help to make your dress stand out.


  • We suggest cleaning your dress as soon as possible. Stains start setting in right away so you want to make sure that you treat them the minute you have a chance. Brides tend to be hesitant when it comes to buying a dirty dress, as they won’t be sure they can get the imperfections out.

  • Measure your dress around the time you are getting married or have your seamstress do it. All you need is bust, hips, and waist, as this will help other brides determine if your dress will fit them or not. You also want to know the maximum wearable height of the dress, which is your height plus the height of your wedding shoes.

  • If you need to alter your dress, try to keep the adjustments, if at all possible, reversible. Try not to cut any fabric off, it is always best to just fold it in when altering as then a bride has the option to take it out. For example, if you need to raise the length, advise your tailor to fold the hem under. However, don’t compromise the fit of your dress for these considerations.

  • If your dress comes with extra fabric, beads, or embellishment - keep it all! These are nice to have if something gets damaged, this way the next bride has the ability to fix it. We also like the idea of keeping a piece of fabric for a sweet memory. 

The Extra Bits:

  • When your photographers are doing their thing, be sure that you request photos of your dress - the front, back, sides and details, plus anything that makes your dress feel extra special.

  • When it comes to pricing, be realistic - it is almost like a car! Most of the value decreases after you drive it out the lot. We recommend about 40-50% off for something worn and about 30-40% off for something unworn. You want to encourage someone to buy yours, versus a new one. 

  • When it comes to buying a preowned wedding dress, most people want to make sure they know what they are buying and like to try it on, (side note: this is why we started this business!) So, be available and welcoming to those who want to try it on and try to make it a great experience for them.

  • Last but not least, sell the dress ASAP! As each new collection comes out in the Spring or Fall...your dress will depreciate. so don't wait - just go for it. 

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