Real-life Sellers Tell Us Their Wedding Dress Consignment Stories

Thinking about selling your wedding dress but not convinced yet? We interviewed some of our savvy sellers to get an insight into why they sold their dresses. We wanted to bring you real-life examples and tips from other newlyweds to help you navigate your consignment path. Firstly you'll want to get your dress cleaned, this will help retain its value when you decide to take the plunge.


Why did you decide to resell your wedding dress, and what is one tip that you have for brides looking to sell their wedding dress?

I was put in charge of selling my daughter's dress. She decided that because it was very expensive it would be nice to get back some of the money. I would clean the dress immediately after the wedding before, stains, etc, settle in.” - Stephanie

“After my wedding, I didn't have any use for my wedding gown. Go down the consignment route. The online boutiques are a scam. And put yourself in the bride's shoes - would you buy a gown online?” - Jamie

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“I was never going to wear it again and I'm not a very sentimental person (I also have all the pictures!) Make sure your dress has been cleaned and stored properly.” - Melanie

“Three reasons: (A) I had nowhere to put it in my NYC apartment. (B) I knew I'd never wear it again. (C) My mom had preserved her dress. I tried it on when I got engaged, it fit perfectly and my dad cried, but it was so not my style I knew right away I would never be caught dead in it. I figure I'll have a daughter just like me one day who will feel the same way about my (gorgeous and timeless) dress! Think Marie Kondo. Thank your dress, say goodbye, and don't look back”. - Rachel

“I could actually have worn the style dress I chose for my wedding, but would I? Likely not. The money it sold for goes back into the budget that we definitely exceeded for our wedding! Also, I bought it on consignment. A dress that I would not have afforded at full price. I loved that another bride was able to feel the same that I did. Choosing the right platform is obviously important.” - Tarale

“I knew that I would never use it again and it would just sit in the closet forever. Not only that, I would have to move it from one apartment to another for the next few years. Also, I wanted someone else to enjoy it while getting back some of the money that I had paid. I kept some of the lace that the seamstress cut off during alterations. I figured that it is more likely that my daughter, etc will be able to incorporate that into her wedding day.” - Jacquelyn

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“I wanted someone else to get use out of such a beautiful dress. Just go for it! You won’t regret it. While you may want to try to get the best price possible, using a consignment boutique makes the process seamless.” - Allison

“When I thought about the reality of what happens to your dress when you don’t sell it- you pay even more money to preserve it or don't and it yellows, and it just sits in a box somewhere where it’s never used or seen. And the chances of your kid actually wearing it? Well, did you wear your Moms? If you did you should probably save the heirloom, but chances are you didn’t and neither will your kid. So instead, I thought I’d rather save a different memento and use the money to pay one of the many bills associated with having a wedding. May not be sentimental, but it sure is practical. Sell it sooner rather then later, the longer it sits the less likely you are to get around to it.” - Nicole

“I did not feel like I needed to keep my dress. It was such a magical day but it's not like I'm going to wear it ever again. Also, I know if I have a daughter, fashions will change and who knows what women will be wearing! Also, as someone living in NYC, there simply is no space to store. Not to mention my dress is memorialized in my photographs forever! Be patient but definitely sell it! I've already recommended a friend to sell their dress, another co-worker purchased her second dress there and have another friend set up to buy her veil. I'm a little obsessed and know that the experience is so positive that there isn't another option.” - Kara