7 Real Brides Talk About Their Biggest Stresses & How They Found Relief

Okay let’s get to the point, we see hundreds of stressed brides every month, and we get it, between all the planning and choices it’s not surprising brides feel frazzled before their big day. Our goal is to bring you real advice on all aspects of wedding planning and more, from how to pick a veil, to just what to do if you hate your wedding dress. We surveyed a handful of our savvy brides to discuss their biggest stressors and how they handled their pain points, after all, who best to give advice than the ladies who have been there and done that.

Credit: Kelly Kollar Photography

Credit: Kelly Kollar Photography

What was the biggest thing that stressed you out? And how did you relieve that stress?

“Wanting everyone (including the bridal party) to be having the best time of their lives. Then I realized, it was OUR day and they were there to celebrate and it was ok if I focused on myself / husband.” - Ria

“I stressed out about family hotel arrangements, transportation, activities, etc. I tried to remember that they're all adults and can take care of themselves.” - Judith

“Anything related to the guest list and the seating chart. Mostly things that had to do with other people being affected. Knowing when to make a compromise and when to put your foot down if something is truly important to you really matters. If you feel something in your heart, say it.” - Rosie

“I really wanted to be present for the entire day and not be stressed out. I was able to relieve that stress by hiring kind and capable people that I connected with (had to fire the first photographer because she didn’t understand what I wanted). In order to stay calm and present day the of - me, my husband and some friends did breathing exercises and stretching - SO helpful.” - Maggie


“All the DIY projects that I wanted to do after seeing so many ideas on Pinterest. I even designed, printed, and assembled my own wedding invitations. To feel less overwhelmed, I enlisted the help of family and friends. At first, I felt bad asking for help and imposing on others, but I realized they all wanted to help and did so without any hesitancy. So definitely don’t be scared to ask! Everyone wants to help!“ - Jacquelyn

Credit: Tree of Life Films & Photos

“Keeping parents happy! Moms generally always have a different idea of what they want so she would upset me with some opinions. I actually talked to my husband about it and as I elevated in anger he calmed me down with logic and it all ended up being fine. I expressed exactly what I preferred and the issue quickly dissolved.” - Jessica

“The biggest thing to stress me out was finding a location. I researched and set a date during the offseason which allowed me to save money and I was able to have a special day with my closest family and friends only.” - Karina

“Making sure everything was perfect! Hoping for the best and expecting the worst. The day was so perfect once I stopped worrying.” - Jordan