4 Wedding Keepsakes You Never Thought Of!

As a bridal consignment store, we always get questions from our savvy sellers about this topic! Now that your wedding day is over, it’s natural to hang on to a few keepsakes as a memory of your walk down the aisle, marrying your best friend, and dancing to Justin Bieber on the dance floor...at 3 a.m. But your wedding dress isn’t one of them — it yellows over time and takes up valuable closet space. Instead, hang on to these four modern keepsakes that you’ll actually get good use out of.

Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kits

We love the look of these beautiful Hannah Bergen heirloom boxes that give you all the tools and beautiful packaging needed to capture the memories of your big day. It really helps to keep your entire wedding story intact for years and years to come. Each kit thoughtfully contains glass vials and small bags to capture all the details, from the sand at your beach ceremony to the rose petals tossed as you walked down the aisle. Kits start at $85. www.hannahbergen.com

Framed Florals

This Brooklyn establishment creates beautiful floral art with your wedding day flowers (the ones that you spent thousands on!). Lacie, the owner, came up with the idea when she wasn't able to find a modern way to preserve her wedding flowers and wanted to save them from the trash. She meticulously dries and arranges the best of the bunch into a unique arrangement and then frames the stunning end result. Flowers can sit in the press for up to a month — talk about a labor of love! Framed Florals also creates beautiful hand dyed silk with flowers. Custom pieces start at $95. www.framedflorals.com

Personalized Letter Charms

Even though modern day brides don't want to keep their wedding dresses, they still want to keep something that they wore during their wedding. That’s why we designed these beautiful gold letter charms — they’re the perfect subtle accent to attach onto a bride's veil, cape, or inside of the wedding dress. You can spell out pretty much anything, from your initials to your favorite love song! The best part is that you can wear these charms as a necklace or bracelet day after day — unlike your wedding dress. Coming Summer 2018; Email info@ourstorybridal.com for inquiries.


Gold Dipped Lace Jewelry

Monika of Monika Knutsson is able transform your beautiful lace into timeless sterling silver or 24K gold jewelry pieces, such as a cuff or ring. Many brides have turned to Monika to transform their mother’s or grandmother's lace into stunning, emotionally charged bridal jewelry to wear on their wedding day. She can even transform a small part of your wedding dress from something old to something entirely new, making for the perfect keepsake. Even Beyonce has donned a few of Monika's gold dipped lace jewelry on tour. Custom pieces start at $195. www.monikaknutsson.com