We want your experience at Our Story Bridal to be special, so please see below for some information for both brides and sellers. We are always here if you have any other questions! 


Why Book an Appointment at our Story Bridal?

As a team of recently married New Yorkers, we know how stressful (and expensive!) wedding dress shopping can be. We offer a curated collection of preowned and sample designer dresses at unimaginable prices - up to 60% off retail prices. Not only that, but we provide the ultimate bridal experience so that you can feel, see and try on dresses. We are full-service and provide in-house alterations and customization to make it even easier. We truly take all the risks and stress out of purchasing a discounted sample dress. 

What Is Your Guarantee?

At Our Story Bridal, we guarantee that the dress is authentic and in great condition and that the transaction is secure. We work with a team of bridal professionals to inspect the dress and to create processes to maintain the quality of our beautiful gowns. We handle all the transactions and payments to minimize risks. 

Do I Need An Appointment? 

Yes. We want to ensure that you get the ultimate bridal experience so require brides to make an appointment. This reserves both a fitting room and bridal consultant for 45 minutes of wedding dress shopping fun! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

When Is the Ideal time to shop at our store bridal? 

Our Story Bridal sells dresses right off the rack which is great for brides with a tight timeline or any other savvy bride. Because our dresses are one of a kind, we advise that brides be prepared to find the "one" during their appointments. It helps if brides have a good sense of what they are looking for before coming into the boutique. 

Do i pay for an appointment?  

No. There is no fee for our bridal appointments. However, brides will receive an email to confirm their appointment 5 days in advance of their appointment. If we do not receive the confirmation, we will help you cancel your appointment, and we will offer the slot to another bride on the waiting list. 

Is it risky to buy a gently loved wedding dress? 

Not at all! We take the risk out of buying a gently loved dress from ensuring the quality of the dress to providing an opportunity to try, feel, and love designer dresses at dream prices. All of our dresses have been restored and cleaned before they are placed on the boutique floor.

What sizes do you offer? 

We offer a wide range of sizes to help suit every bride with most of our dresses varying from street size 0 to 14. We also have a professional seamstress who will be able to advise on the fit. Usually, dresses can be made smaller by up to 3 sizes and can be made bigger by 1 size. 

Can i resell my wedding dress with our story bridal? 

Yes! We would love to help you find another lucky bride for your dress. Any dress purchased at Our Story Bridal are guaranteed to be accepted on consignment for up to 1 year after the purchase date. As with any other sellers, we require that the dress be professionally cleaned in order to secure top prices and a quicker sale. Please inquire about our discounted cleaning services. 

What is the return policy? 

We want our brides to be 100% happy with their dream purchase. However, we do not offer any returns or refunds as we pay our sellers within a very tight window, and we are unable to guarantee the condition of a dress after it leaves our showroom. We provide the perfect environment with the right experts to help ensure that you are confident in your purchase. Unlike any other bridal stores, we can re-consign the beautiful items so that you can recuperate a good majority of your payment.

Any other tips for wedding dress shopping? 

At Our Story Bridal, we like to think of each dress as a blank canvas, waiting for that extra touch to make it truly unique. We have a team of talented and creative seamstresses to do just that - whether it is adding some beautiful sleeves or adding on some bling bling! Let us help you find and create your dream dress with our alteration and customization services.  

What is your privacy policy? 

We care deeply about your privacy! Please visit our Privacy Policy page to read our full terms.

Come check Our Story Bridal out for yourself and book an appointment today!



Why is our story bridal better than selling online? 

Our Story Bridal came to fruition when Ana and Jacquelyn realized how frustrating it can be trying to sell a wedding dress online (It took Ana 2 years and Jacquelyn had been trying for over 1 year!). We quickly learned that the emotional environment is just as (if not more) important than the price when brides are shopping for their dream dresses. We knew that there had to be a better solution. At Our Story Bridal, we marry a hassle free sales experience with a luxury buying experience. This means, we do the work for you and sell your dress faster!

What else does our story bridal offer to sellers? 

At our boutique, you can sell with confidence. We will handle all transactions (and hassle!) and ensure your dress is seen by buyers and cared for properly. We even offer free pick up in Manhattan Island (below 120th St). You will no longer have to worry about strangers coming into your home, coordinating fittings and figuring out how to get paid. We will take lovingly care of your wedding dress as we find its next lucky owner. 

What can i sell with our story bridal? 

To ensure that we deliver a luxury experience for our brides, we accept the items listed below. We do not consign veils given the delicate nature of the tulle fabric. 

  • Bridal gowns, boleros and belts in new or like new condition (e.g., no rips, tears) and that meet what our brides are currently seeking in terms of style.

  • Dresses that are visibly clean and free of stains, tears and rips.

  • Designer gowns (from selected designers) that are from a 2016 or newer bridal collection.

  • To help ensure authenticity, we may ask for your original purchase receipt.

How does the process work?

1.  You submit an informational form so that we can assess the condition and selling potential of your preowned wedding dress.

2. Once your dress is accepted, we agree on all details and coordinate the drop-off or pick-up of your beautiful dress.

3. We lovingly place your dress for sale in the shop and online for up to 6 months and we will work hard to sell for top dollar.

4. When your dress sells, we will deduct 35% commission from the sales price. We offer a lower fee than the average industry rate. 

Why do you not take all dresses? 

We find all wedding dresses to be beautiful, and it pains us when we have to say no to a wedding dress. However, we have limited capacity in our Manhattan boutique. Also, to ensure the quality of our inventory, we only take gowns that are in impeccable condition and trending with our brides. Ultimately, this helps us protect the bridal experience and garner higher prices and faster selling cycles for you. 

How should i price my wedding dress? 

Based on market research and experience, we strongly suggest that preowned wedding dresses be priced at 40-60% discount from purchase price and never worn, unaltered dresses be priced at 25-35% discount from purchase price. Ultimately, you set your price to one that you are most comfortable with and we can always reassess the pricing. 

How long will it take to sell my wedding dress? 

We cannot guarantee the sale of your dress, but we will work hard to sell your dress in a timely manner and for the best price. It is hard to assess when your dress will be sold, but rest assure that we are putting in our best efforts - from offering a top notch bridal experience to online marketing. 

Do i need to clean my dress before selling it? 

Dresses must be visibly clean and free of stains, tears and rips. We are providing our brides a luxury and emotional experience so it is critical that the dresses appear like-new and clean. We offer a steeply discounted cleaning service for $249 with an additional discount of $50 if a seller prepays for the cleaning service.

Will my wedding dress by carefully handled? 

Yes! This is our top priority. We work with serious bridal professionals, including seamstresses with over 15 years of experience and wedding dress designers, to create a worry-free handling, storage and trial process. We keep detailed reports of the condition of your dress after any trial.

Will i receive updates on my wedding dress? 

Yes! We will contact you whenever there is serious interest in your dress so that you are aware of its status. 

What happens if my wedding dress does not sell? 

We work our very hardest and safest to get your dress sold. However, in the event that your beautiful dress doesn't sell,  you can pick up your dress from our boutique. We also offer a free return drop-offs in Manhattan Island (below 120th St.) or we can ship the dress for a reduced fee. 

Do you accept dresses from outside new york? 

Yes! We do accept dresses from all over. We can help arrange the shipping of your gown so that it can be sold in our boutique. 

How can i sign up?  

Please visit the CONSIGN section of this website to  fill out the quick consignment information form. Feel free to share the love and share Our Story Bridal with your family and friends!